KURAWANKA introduces local cuisine of seasonal foods each month from various regions throughout Japan. Enjoy a luxurious restaurant where you can enjoy "a diversity of local tastes of Japan" while sitting in the comfort of Japan. We offer a wide selection of local sakes and shochu directly shipped from around the country, through close exchanges with local sake brewers. Fine wines carefully selected by the owner/sommelier also await you.

Origins of KURAWANKA:
During the Edo Period, merchants in small bumboats floated up and down Osaka's Yodo River crying out "A cup of sake, a meal, kurawanka (Why not have something to eat or something to drink?) to travelers on sanjikkoku-bune (150-bushel rice boats). This restaurant derives its name from gkurawanka bowlsh dishes with an underglaze cobalt blue design which were used on the gkurawanka-buneh boats. The traditional Old Imari design was mainly used.

Affiliated restaurants
DAIAN --- You can enjoy handmade soba noodles, the cheffs pride and joy.
KAKIDEN --- Enjoy traditional Kyoto Kaiseki. In addition, take in our gallery and join a manners class as well.